Shipwreck? Adventure? Loincloths? No cell service?

JuneJune isn’t prepared for any of these things when she washes up on an uncharted island. Luckily, natives Kets’zual and Namai’sal take her under wing, telling her she’s a Na-Rune-Tok with special powers. They are confident her magic will manifest sooner or later, but she knows she’s just an ordinary girl who wants to get back home.

You can read this comic FREE on this website or purchase on Comixology. The Lost Island of the Na-Rune-Tok comics in Comixology’s Guided View are pretty awesome!

9/21/2016 : Updates & Comixology

We have a Issue One, Issue Two, and Issue Three for sale on Comixology! More issues coming soon. We will continue producing once a week pages. NRT will remain a web comic, however you can read the comic on Comixology before it posts on the website.

NRT is PG-13 & NFSW

Why PG-13 and “Not Safe For Work” you ask?

To put it simply; cartoon boobies.

There is also very mild and minimal swearing, occasional mild blood/violence and people in loin clothes. Much like what you would see on Nat Geo. We are not the MPAA and are only giving our rating opinion. View at your own discretion.

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