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June 200pxName: June Markowitz

Age: 22 years

Marital Status: single

Home: San Franciso, California

First Appearance: Chapter 1 – Page 2 – Deck of Ship (technically) or Page 3 – beach on Island of the Na-Rune-Tok

Fact: Is happily on vacation from Law School and her internship. Dislikes scones.


Kets'zual 200px Name: Kets’zual

Age: 16 summers

Home: Village of Lisk-tay

Marital Status: single

First Appearance: Chapter 1 – Page 8

Fact: Youngest brother to Namai’sal. Has been training as a Na-Rune-Tok Guardian since birth.


Sister 200px

Name: Namai’sal a.k.a. Sister

Age: 23 summers

Home: Village of Lisk-tay

Marital Status: single and looking

First Appearance: Chapter 1 – Page 25

Fact: Is one of Kets’zual’s older sisters. Holds an important position as a warrior.


Joe 200px

Name: Balachjah-oh a.k.a. Joe

Age: 27 summers

Home: Ilk-tay

Marital Status: widower

First Appearance: Chapter 1 – Page 39

Fact: Practices a rare form of ritualistic dance. He is trained as a Guardian of the Na-Rune-Tok and a spiritual leader.



Name: Na-Rune-Tok Marilyn

Age: 82 years

Home: Ilk-tay

Marital Status: it’s complicated

First Appearance: Chapter 1 – Page 45

Fact: Always wears her octo-puss on her head; especially when it’s party time.


Aeith 200px

Name: Aeith

Age: ?

Home: Forest of Night

Marital Status: ?

First Appearance: Chapter 2 – Page 105

Fact: ?


Teacher 200px Name: known only as Teacher

Age: ?

Home: ?

Marital Status: ??????

First Appearance: ?

Fact: ?